Enterprise Resource Management Suite

What is ERMS

Enterprise Resources Management Suite (ERMS) is an information system for managing and automating end-to-end internal business operations, data processing and sharing across departments and sections of an institution seamlessly. The main focus is to optimize resources utilization, efficiency and effectiveness in business operations and reduction of paper work.ERMS is composed of 18 interdependent modules that provide an integrated view of business processes.

The modules include; Planning, Budgeting, Accounts, Client Management, Service Management, Billing, HR Manager, Leave Management, Project Management, and Task Manager. Other modules are Procurement Management, Asset & Inventory, Facility Management, Fleet Management, User Management, Manage Institution, Application Manager, Reporting, Settings and Self Service.

Enterprise Resources Management Suite (ERMS) modules are constantly updated with new features to simplify and increase efficiency of the system and usability.

ERMS Modules


This module provides a platform for presenting forecasted activities for the subsequent year implementation and accomplishment of institution’s strategic objectives and goals.


This module provides a platform for handling funds in accordance with the planned activities for the subsequent year.


This module provides a platform for keeping records of funds received and spent in accordance with requirements of the provisions of the Public Finance laws.

Client Management

This module provides a platform for keeping and maintaining clients’ records by adding or editing of clients’ information.

Service Management

This module is used for managing services provided by the Institution to its clients. It also shows product catalog and product costs.


This module provides a platform for analyzing and calculating service charge for services requested by clients. It is integrated with service management and accounts modules.

Why Is It Special


ERMS is designed with flexibility in mind; enough to respond to the rapidly changing needs of an institution. It can easily be integrated with other Government informtion systems such as GMS, GePG, HCMIS, Central Accounting System, e-office, etc. should the need be.

Portability & Comprehensive

ERMS supports variety of organizational functions. Multiple hardware platforms and third party add-ons are also supported.

Modular , Open &Interoperability

ERMS can be integrated with other systems in an organisation. Its modules can easily be interfaced or detached whenever required without affecting other modules. This gives institutions the choice on which modules to use based on their environment and business needs.


Does ERMS Support Multicompany and branches set-up?

Yes, ERMS has been developed to support centralized and decentralized operations of Multicompany and branches relationship.

How do I rectify errors reached to the end of process in accounts module?

ERMS has the platform ( Adjustment Platform) under accounts module which facilitates error adjustments.


Yes ERMS is an ERP. However, while other ERP‘s are time-consuming, costful, and tedious to customize in order to fit respective business environment, ERMS is developed specifically for Tanzania Public Institutions with minimal or no customizations "out-of-the box"

Is there any difference between ERMS and GePG?

Yes, ERMS is diffrent from GePG. ERMS aims to manage and automate end to end institution’s internal business processes to optimize resource utilization while GePG aims to facilitate electronic revenue collections from the public to the Government .

Interested to learn more about ERMS

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